Happy October!

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Halloween is my favorite time of year!  I’m particularly excited about the release of my latest novel, Frankenstein’s Brother and would like to spend a little time talking about the book here and answering some of the questions I’ve received about it so far.


I am a lifelong fan of the classics of horror literature such as Mary Shelley’s original Frankenstein and have studied her life, letters and biography for years.

A few years back, I was attending a Steampunk Convention when the idea first entered my mind.   Steampunk is a new craze gaining in popularity.  I like to describe this as Victorian Science Fiction.  For example, if you or I lived in Victorian England (1837-1901) and someone showed us a laser light, that would be news because the laser had not yet been invented at the time.  Anyhow, I digress…the Steampunk movement is really cool and they have some awesome gatherings with a variety of people all dressed in costume playing the part of Londoners living during the time of Victoria’s reign.

So there I was, sitting in my costume listening to a lecture about Steampunk when someone brought up the work of Mary Shelley and said that indeed, her novel Frankenstein was the first true piece of science fiction and a perfect example of what the Steampunk movement embodies.  Why?  Because one of the main things you see at these conventions is people who take old pieces of junk and put them together to make fantastical new inventions – or pretend inventions….again, this is hard to explain. I will do my best to post some pictures up so you can see some of the characters I encountered there.

During the Texas summers, the air conditioners are always on too far, in my opinion, and I was about half frozen to death so during that convention, I went out to my car and briefly fell asleep and had a dream that Mary Shelley forgot to tell us what happened to Victor Frankenstein’s middle brother, Ernest.

When I woke shortly thereafter, I knew I was going to write a book called Frankenstein’s Brother.  But how?  The task seemed daunting, to say the very least.

The first thing I did was to get home and start rereading the classic, and sure enough, to my stunned amazement, my dream was right!  Mary’s novel which is possibly one of the greatest masterpieces of all time actually had a hole in it!  She forgot to mention the fate of Ernest Frankenstein who is only mentioned a couple of times in the original.

From there, as they say, the rest was history.

I had recently been accepted into the Horror Writer’s Association and wound up finishing the book later in the year.


Frankenstein’s Brother is about Victor Frankenstein’s middle brother, Ernest, the sole survivor of the Frankenstein clan, and is divided into three parts –

  • Family of Origin – Ernest’s perspective on the deaths of his entire clan
  • Family of Creation – his attempts to restore normalcy to his life by marrying and beginning a family with Adela, his new housekeeper
  • Man & Beast – Victor’s monster returns and Ernest vows to destroy him

Speaking of HWA, on my page on Amazon.com you can see photos of me at the Horror Writer’s Association convention with the legendary Peter Straub, Joe Hill (brilliant! Stephen King’s son who also writes horror) and Dacre Stoker, ancestor of Bram Stoker, author of one of my other all time favorite pieces of literature – Dracula.  Dacre also penned a sequel called Dracula: The Undead – a great book.

So that’s it for now.  I will add some more posts soon about my research into the strange life of Mary Shelley, a subject I have a true passion for.  Hers is one of the most interesting biographies I have ever encountered and I have spent countless hours researching her and attempting to peer into the mind and the personal circumstances which caused such a young girl to pen a masterpiece of the English language….

So until next time….

Happy Haunting!


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