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Happy 2015!

Posted: January 4, 2015 in Uncategorized

I haven’t posted in quite some time but I am really excited about my new 2014 releases from eXtasy Books.

Parlor Tricks is based on a true story about a psychic who visited Queen Victoria of England.  Did she run off with a sexy rake in real life?  Who knows, but it was fun writing it!

Lady in Red explores reincarnation and ghost hunting, two areas I find fascinating.  Mix that in with a sexy evening in a haunted hotel and see what happens.

Familiar is one of my favorite stories ***loosely*** based on my several trips to Costa Rica back in the days before any tourists went there.  Santa Elena Cloud Forest is a gorgeous area and setting for the first part of the book.

That’s all here. I wish you peace and happiness in the coming year!

xoxoxoxo  Annette